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About Kindred of the Inner Flame

Kindred of the Inner Flame is a casual, helpful, generous and friendly kinship welcoming all classes, all levels, and all playing styles. We love to craft, explore, and help each other when we can. Having fun is always our number one goal!

The kinship was founded on the Gladden server on April 1, 2010. Our original goal was to remain a small to medium-sized kinship, but we have grown into a rather large kinship so there is usually someone around to play with or socialize with any time of the day. But it is still very important to us that no one ever falls through the cracks. Every single member is important to us!

If helping others really makes the game fun for you, then you will probably enjoy this kinship as that is what we like to do. We can't guarantee to hold your hand through every quest or be ready the moment you first need help, but if you ask we will find the time to help you and we try to regularly schedule "Rent-a-65" events where our max level players schedule a specific time to be available to help lower level players with whatever quests, deeds, or instances they request help with.

If you are just starting out in the game, we would love to help you get started! Beginners are more than welcome in this kinship! Multiple characters are also welcome but not required.

We are currently Rank 9 with Kinship Auctions and a Kinship House in the Shire. We have a dedicated Ventrilo server for clearer communcations around the globe, and we are very active with scheduled events every weekend and impromptu fellowships daily. There is almost always someone online who can help with whatever you might be working on. If someone can't help right away, we can probably schedule it within a few days at the most.

If you think you might be interested in joining our kinship, please try contacting one of our officers in-game and we will answer any questions you might have and send you a kinship invitation.

Amethrayne (Leader), Ranathir (Successor/Co-Founder), Rileey (Officer), Seolan (Officer), Amethryel (Officer), Hexxon (Officer), Riliph (Officer), Estelethor (Officer), Rotlik (Officer), Terieleth (Officer), Rassor (Officer)

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